A substantial part of Belgium is covered by Ardennes (French: Ardenne; Dutch: Ardennen), a region of extensive forests, hills and ridges. You can do a lot of fun things there such as walking, cycling, fishing, climbing, canoeing and kayaking. What you can also do is just to enjoy beautiful nature. For instance, you may decide to visit some of the caves. We visited the caves of Remouchamps (French: Grottes de Remouchamps; Dutch: Grotten van Remouchamps) and we did not regret.

Grotten van Remouchamps
A river inside the cave

The caves are interesting for adults and as well as for children. Your route will include two parts. The first part is walking and in the second part you will take a boat. Do not worry, you will not end up in complete darkness. Little lights are installed in many places.

Les Grottes de Remouchamps
The caves are not scary

If you feel hungry you will find a number of cafes and restaurants in the neighbourhood.