Once upon a time, in a small town called Baarle Nassau, there lived two friendly neighbors – the Dutch and the Belgians. Legend has it that long ago, these neighbors wanted to share their land, but they couldn’t agree on where the borders should be drawn.


In a magical meeting, the wise leaders of both groups decided to solve this puzzle by playing a game of hopscotch. They drew lines on the ground, hopping from one spot to another until they created a patchwork quilt of borders that crisscrossed through the town.

As the leaders hopped and giggled, they formed a unique pattern of Dutch and Belgian territories. Houses, streets, and even shops found themselves standing on both sides of the invisible lines, creating a town like no other.

To this day, the people of Baarle Nassau live in harmony, sharing their chocolate, waffles, and tulips. Children play games that cross borders, and they celebrate festivals with joy, bringing together the spirit of both the Dutch and the Belgians.