This is a world famous beach with black sand in the southern part of Iceland. No, you cannot swim here as the water is too cold. There are no tents with coctails or beer. But it is much better this way, just look at the view!

An authentic black-sand beach

When we came there we saw a seal in the water. It was not afraid of us at all.

If you forget your sun cream at home you are not going to miss it at this beach

The rocks were full of puffins, typical Icelandic birds. Never saw them anywhere else.

Diffucult to catch puffins on a foto

Your trip to Iceland will be fantastic if you arrange a stay at one of the houses near the water. Airbnb can give you such an opportunity. Nothing can be better than waking up in the morning and looking at see from your window.

One of the three houses that look very similar was ours for one night

Reynisfjara is not far from a road and is pretty easy to reach.