Imagine a natural swimming pool that you can access every day of every year. Imagine also that this swimming pool is surrounded by black rocks that gives you a feeling that you are on another planet. You will say that it is too good to be true. It is not! Welcome to the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa in southwestern Iceland.

Blue lagoon
Blue lagoon is probably the best spa in the world

Blue Lagoon is definitely a must-see location in Iceland. Next to the spa you will find a restaurant and a hotel. Those are a bit expensive though.

3tourists at the Blue Lagoon

The air temperature can be low but you will still enjoy this unique spa. There are lockers for your valuable stuff. The dressing rooms and the shower are comfortable.

Blue lagoon
Mars-like views on the way to the Blue Lagoon

It is not far from Reykjavik. The distance is about 50 kilometers. You can purchase your tickets here.