Geysir and Strokkur are a couple of erupting hot springs, or geysers, located in a valley in southwestern Iceland called Haukadalur.

The geysers alone can be a good reason to come to Iceland. Their eruptions is one of the most fascinating things we have seen in our life!

Geysers in Iceland
We are not afraid of geysers

The bigger of the two geysers is Geysir. Its eruptions can reach up to 70-80 meters, which makes it one of the highest geysers in the World. (The highest ones are in New Zealand, those are really hard to beat.)

In a fraction of a second the water will be much higher

Geysir erupts sporadically, once in a year or two. On the other hand, its brother Strokkur performs every 5-10 minutes, every day and every night. You will not miss the show. Just find a proper place to stand, turn on your camera and get ready!

There are a lot of coins in the water. People hope to come back and to see it again

The distance between Geysir and Strokkur is about 40 meters. Interestingly, the area around the geysers used to be a private property for many years. The last owner was film director Sigurður Jónasson who at some moment donated it to the Icelandic people.

The map below shows how to find the geysers.