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Every waterfall in Iceland has something special. The speciality of Gljúfrafoss is that it is not visible from outside.

The hidden treasure


Eyjafjallajökull is a volcano that managed to cancel a lot of flights around the world in 2010. The eruptions started on April 10 and went on till the middle of May. Fortunately, nobody died although many people were evacuated and the local farmers had to restore their property.

Eyjafjallajökull misbehaved in 2010


A peculiarity of Skógafoss is that you often see a rainbow there. The waterfall looks a bit like hair of a blond Icelandic girl.

Skógafoss and a rainbow

The foto makes an impression that the waterfall is small while in reality it is pretty large. There is a way to go up and to observe it from above.


Dyrholaey sounds funny to Russian speaking people since “dyrho” sounds as “a hole” in Russian and the rock does have a big hole (aka an arch) at the bottom. This natural sculpture is one of the symbols of Iceland and you should include it into your program without any doubt.

Dyrholaey with a “dyrho”


This is a world famous beach with black sand in the southern part of Iceland. No, you cannot swim here as the water is too cold. There are no tents with coctails or beer. But it is much better this way, just look at the view!

An authentic black-sand beach


This canyon is not as big as the Grand Canyon in the USA but it does not matter. This one is greener and somewhat more charming. The water is clean and transparent and there is a great view point.

The Iclandic version of the Grand Canyon


Jökulsárlón is a glacial lake in the southern part of Iceland. The colour of the icebergs drifting in the water surface is bright blue. This is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen!

The lake is located near Vatnajökull, which is Europe’s largest glacier. The national park that includes Jökulsárlón is second-largest in Europe after Yugyd Va in Russia. Jökulsárlón keeps growing as a result of global warming.

Jökulsárlón is a glacial lake

Blue ice cave in Skaftafell

Ice caves can be found at the edges of glaciers. The cave in the Skaftafell National Park is not an exception. The sunlight squeezes through the ice making the top of the caves light blue and the whole cave amazingly beautiful! At the bottom you will see a stream of melt water.

A beautiful ice cave


Svartifoss is our favourite waterfall in Iceland. It looks like an organ, a keyboard instrument, which makes you feel like you are in an ancient church. The rocks around the waterfall remind pipes. You keep thinking that an invisible musician is going to start playing a sonata of Johann Sebastian Bach.

A natural pipe organ


This waterfall is definitely not the highest but it is pretty wide and therefore makes a strong impression. Do not pass it without visiting because Urriðafoss is worth it. The place is not so touristic, which makes it attractive.

A wide and beautiful waterfall

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